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We work with social anthropologist Tillie Harris to deliver Verinder + Harris training and coaching. 


Verinder + Harris brings together a deep understanding of individual psychology, organisational dynamics and strategic communication to engage stakeholders, influence culture and have positive impact.


We provide high quality bespoke events, ranging from one-to-one coaching, through executive workshops, to in-person masterclasses for 50+ staff.


All our work is informed by a deep understand of both individual psychology and organisational dynamics.


Our workshops are co-delivered by two facilitators with a combined background in


  • Social anthropology

  • Psychodynamics

  • Strategic corporate comms

  • Behaviour science

  • Brand strategy

  • Reputation research

  • Coaching and personal development.

Find out more about the training and coaching offer via the Verinder + Harris website.

How can we improve how we communicate?

How do we best manage risk?

How can we develop more profitable relationships?

How can we become more influential?

Our training services include:

  • Risk, issues and crisis management

  • Reputation research

  • Presentation and public speaking

  • Reputation leadership  

  • Employer engagement

  • Copywriting.

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