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We deliver research within a number of specialisms:


  • Reputation, public relations, communication planning 

  • Employer engagement 

  • Skills and economic development 

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Market - including demand and analysis 

  • Campus and curriculum development.


Every research project we undertake is bespoke, tailored to the needs and ambitions of the client.

We turn expert research design, first-class fieldwork and powerful analysis into clear, straightforward, practical recommendations that power intelligent decision-making.

Over the past decade we have delivered projects that help clients:

  • grow

  • successfully rebrand

  • improve customer communication, experience, service and relationships

  • grow profit per customer

  • support advocacy and campaigning efforts

  • cut costs

  • increase revenue

  • boost student recruitment and/or retention 

  • better serve their communities

  • create or adapt vision, mission and values

  • better manage risk

  • raise funds

  • plan for the future       

  • strengthen relationships with the people who matter most to the organisation

  • design brand architecture, marketing, curriculum, public relations and broader operational plans

  • build new civic and commercial partnerships•    

  • develop curricula and estates

  • improve student progression

  • and more...


Who are our critical stakeholders?
What do they think of us?

What do they want from us?
Is our reputation at risk?
How does our reputation affect us? 

Our research offer includes:

  • In-depth qualitative face to face, video and telephone interviewing

  • Focus group design, facilitation and reporting

  • AI-assisted fieldwork and analysis

  • Data analysis

  • Online surveying

  • Social media listening and analysis

  • Literature reviews

  • Labour market intelligence

  • Google Analytics and associated digital metrics.

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